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Category: Session A/V

To share your screen, you must be using Chrome or Firefox on a computer. Screen share is not supported by mobile browsers or Safari.

In a session, find the "Share Screen" button to the left of your video. You will be able to share your entire screen, one application, or a tab.

If sharing a website, we recommend opening a new Window or other browser and sharing that.. This way, you can can see Blink Session Music and the website at the same time (side by side).

Audio Note: Computer audio is not transmitted when using screen share on any video conferencing platform. If the other person hears your computer audio, it is from your mic picking it up from your speakers.

If the other person cannot hear, you can try raising your speaker volume, but sometimes your system will "cancel out" the audio because it thinks it is you talking.

Audio is transmitted if you use the YouTube, Uploaded Video, or play recordings in Blink Session Music.

Answers to help questions can also be accessed within your Blink Session Music account by click "Help" from the top menu