How to Update, Discharge or Delete a Client

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Category: Clients

1) Go to the Dashboard

2) Click "Clients". You will see a list of Clients linked to you. If you are a "User-Admin" there will be a "Show All" button at the top left enabling you to see all Clients in your organization, even those not linked to you.

3) Click on a Client. At the top to the right of the age, click on the "Edit" button.

4) Edit the Client's information and click "Update".

5) If you are a "User-Admin" you will see a red "Delete Permanently" button at the bottom right. Before you delete, consider updating them to "discharged". This will keep all their data saved in Blink Session Music but you will not be able to start a session with them. Please exercise caution when deleting a Client as this will delete all their related notes, homework, future appointments, and other related data..

6) NOTE: Deleting a client does not delete their linked logins. Thus, if you need to delete a Clients and a Login linked to them, you will need to go to "Logins" and delete it there.

Answers to help questions can also be accessed within your Blink Session Music account by click "Help" from the top menu