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How to Add a Client (Student)
How to Update, Discharge or Delete a Client
How to Update or Delete a Client Login
My New Client or Staff User Never Received The Activation Email
What Does the Client Dashboard Look Like
How to Add a Client/Student to an Existing Login
How to Update, Discharge or Delete a Client/Student
How to Add and Link a Login to an Existing Client/Student
How Do I Accept Credit Card Payments
Is There an Overview of How Clients and Storing Client Information Works
How Does Client Linking Work (Link with Client Logins and Staff Users)
Can I Bulk Upload Client Data

Staff Users

How to add a Staff Account
How to Observe Another Staff's Session
How Do I Get Back Data From Staff I Deleted
How Do I Start or Join a Staff Session

Session A/V

Not Seeing Video or Hearing Audio
Change Which Camera or Mic is Used
Screen Share
How Do I Use the White board, Annotate, and Allow My Client/Student Draw
I Hear an Echo During Sessions
Mic & Speakers Have Permission but Still no Sound
Video Freezing, Cutting Out, or Unstable
Possible Issues With Group Sessions
Can I Use a Virtual Background

Other Tech

What if I have an Internet Content Filter
Not Receiving Email
Invalid Certificate Warning or Cannot Establish a Secure Connection


How to watch a YouTube video
Is There an Overview of How Resource and the Resource Catalog Works


How Are Appointments Adjusted for Different Timezones
How Do Notification Preferences & Reminders Work
How Do I Change the Staff For an Appoitment
Scheduling in Multi-Staff Environment
Schedule Color Coding

Your Blink Session Account

How to I Cancel my Subscription
How Do I Toggle Features On/Off For My Entire Organization
Where Do I Find the Service Agreement (Terms)


Where Do I Find an Overview of How to use The Platform


How do I Setup and Use the Self-Schedule Feature